This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.
This project contains the source code for an implementation of controls that are related to browsing files within an existing application. Go to: to see the controls in full action (see Explorer tool window) or check details and screenshots in the Documentation section.

This project contains:
  • A path combobox control that lets you:
    • enter a path (with copy and paste) or
    • pick drives from a drop down list of currently recognized drives.
  • A folder browser control to browse folder in your file system
  • A folder, file listview control to list items within a given folder
  • A folder bookmark drop down list control to bookmark and quick access recently visited folders
  • A forward and backward history control for navigated back and forth between recently visited folders
  • A set of folder short-cut buttons to navigate directly to a folder.


  • Universal Control (UNC) network share paths are not supported
  • Support for drives with exchangeable media (CD-ROM, USB Drive) is limited. Everything should work as expected but exchanging the media will not lead to updating displayed folder and file entries.

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